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About three years ago Erik was asked by collectors of his books to do a project on the time when Elvis returned to live performing at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, and all concerts that followed. And now, the Elvis Files Team presents a new set titled 'Eleven Hundred and Twenty-Six'.

The 3-book-set covers everything from the Opening Night performance on July 31, 1969 until the last concert Elvis Presley ever did on June 26, 1977 at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.

It includes detailed information on all the concerts, every suit he wore on stage, all the information on every CD ever released by RCA, Sony and the Follow That Dream Collectors label and more. Over 1,200 pages, packed with information and the best photos, presented on heavy glossy paper as you are used to from The Elvis Files. You may want to read the title as 'Eleven Hundred and Twenty-SEX' because Elvis was pure sex on stage.

The first time Elvis Presley played Las Vegas, the critics hated him. Appearing in the Venus Room at the New Frontier Hotel in the spring of 1956, the 21-year-old hillbilly crooner with the dreamy eyes and well-lubricated hips was billed as "America's only atomic-powered singer". Just two years earlier, he was driving a truck in Memphis for US$45 a week, and now he had a record contract with RCA Victor and a movie deal with Paramount Studios.

In 1969, when he returned to live performing in Las Vegas Presley told his audience: "It's been too long since I’ve done anything except making movies and cut records. When I made my television special last year, I realized how much I missed the excitement of live audiences. Right then I decided I'd like to do a nightclub date or two and see people from the stage again. I want to get back where the personal contact is."

Elvis Presley thrilled audiences for decades with his legendary swagger, good looks and unique vocal style. Among his many concerts over the years, the one that garners much historical attention is his final performance at the Indianapolis’s Market Square Arena on June 26, 1977. His final performance, to a crowd of nearly 18,000 people. This new 1,200-page Deluxe set covers it all.

And the good news is that is available earlier than we had planned, as this was supposed to be a Christmas 2023 release. We made only 1,000 copies, so don't miss out on the great set!

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