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About Erik Lorentzen:

Hi, I'm Erik Lorentzen a native of Oslo, Norway and an Elvis fan and collector since age seven in16.

The next entry was written more than 4 decades ago when I was in my early twenties:

I was there when The King rocked Madison Square Garden in June 1972, New York, NY. The following year, I met my idol, again, backstage at the Nassau Coliseum in New York on June 23rd. I caught up with Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton in March 1975 and soon after took up The King's invitation to visit Graceland.

In New York, at the Nassau Coliseum, I presented him with a silver award from Norway (They presented Elvis with the Norwegian Silver Record for "She's Not You" / "Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello" & "Aloha From Hawaii.") which Elvis kindly accepted. The man dressed like a million bucks and looking quite handsome. He said: "Thank you guys," "I very much appreciate this Gold Award from Norway."

Elvis already has been a huge part of my life, I was collecting just about everything what was available on the market back then. And now ─ 40-years later ─ here I am, a publicist of a quarterly magazine and multiple book sets. My initial plan was one book ─ The Elvis Files ─ to show my dedication for the man but as time passes by it grew to an astonishing 8-volume book set chronicling Elvis' life and career from the early hey-days of '53 till his untimely death in 1977.

And it was a thrill doing so.

With the help of many good friends and collectors I managed to bring this mammoth project to a good end. The series of books is a warm and sincere dedication to Elvis Presley. 

Thank you Elvis

Since the sixties I was running a fan club magazine with long-time friend Arne Metzer. Since 2012 onwards I'm running my own publications of "The Elvis Files" magazines ─ books, (co)-published FTD book publications, photo book compilations and many other projects . . . My critically acclaimed "The Elvis Files" books is known world-wide and delivered around the globe even in areas you probably never heard of. 

With my team of devoted people we serve you the best of everything regarding our mutual person of interest ─ ELVIS PRESLEY.

All our publications are the best among others in the world and we are very proud to stay on top regarding unseen photo material and relevant events that happened in Elvis' life and career.By now most Elvis fans are aware that Erik Lorentzen's 'The Elvis Files' are a stunning visual journey of Elvis' day-by-day life. Featuring relevant newspaper reviews and articles about Elvis from the time. The serie of books nicely match Ernst Jörgensen and Guralnick’s book as an invaluable and detailed biographical insight into Elvis' life.

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