Elvis Portraits – The Fifties – A Life In Photos


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After the success of

ELVIS PORTRAITS 1953 – 1977 we decided to present a new one in this serie of photo books.

Elvis Portraits:
The Fifties

A Life in Photos
400 pages presented in a hardbook with the most beautiful and many unseen photos of the most photographed person in the world … Elvis Presley. His appearance, his charming approach, his gorgeous looks … he can play the photographer's lens with his lasting personality.
Elvis is the most recognizable person in the world, even more so today – 45 years after his untimely death. Young and old of every generation will recognize something of themselves in that man who once had a dream being a young boy, a truck driver – an electrician … Elvis made all of his dreams come true starting from the age of nineteen. A millionaire at 21, a sex symbol at the same age too. A movie star – a personality and a living legend.
Elvis touched many lives and this book contains all facets of that time that we remember him by. For every reader there is a memory of a particular photo printed in this book.


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