I Sing All Kinds (CD Mini LP)


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FOR THE 45TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE KING'S DISAPPEARANCE, FIND "I SING ALL KINDS" WITH ONLY ALTERNATE TAKES DIRECTED BY JEAN-MARIE POUZENC, THIS ALBUM IS ENTIRELY RESMASTERED & OFFERED ON CD VINYL REPLICA  The title of this album, released on vinyl in 2019, was borrowed from Elvis himself who answered the question: What kind of singer are you? simply declared: I sing of everything. And this is exactly what this album reflects, which includes, in addition to the vinyl titles, 12 bonuses which show, at the same time, how eclectic the King was, but above all the immense possibilities of his voice which passes with the same ease. from rock'n'roll to gospel, country, classical, ballad, blues.


1. That's All Right (Take 3) 

2. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Take 9) 

3. Rip It Up (Take 17) 

4. Old Shep (Take 5) 

5. Let Me (Solo) 

6. I'll Be Home for Christmas (Take 15) 

7. True Love (Take 20) 

8. New Orleans (Take 5) 

9. A Fool Such as I (Take 5) 

10. Like A Baby (Take 2) 

11. The Girl of My Best Friend (Take 6) 

12. Wooden Heart (Take 1) 

13. I Believe in The Man in The Sky (Take 1) 

14. Surrender (Take 9) 

15. Follow That Dream (Take 4) 

16. Hound Dog (Live, 15 December 1956) 


17. One Night (Of Sin) (Take 1) 

18. Fever (Take 1) 

19. Black Star (Take 5)

20. Big Boots (Take 4) 

21. Tonight Is So Right for Love (Take 8) 

22. No More (Take 7) 

23. Aloha Oe (Takes 4 & 7/5 Section 2) 

24. Ito Eats (Take 5) 

25. I'm Yours (Take 6) 

26. You'll Be Gone (Take 2) 

27. Suspicion (Take 2) 

28. The Walls Have Ears (Take 12)


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